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Training Drills

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Volleyball Drills Overview

Any athletic team worth watching puts in hours and hours of practice. When the members of a team are used to the way their teammates communicate and play on the court, a rhythm becomes apparent. The team moves as one, in a sort of ballet. These are the teams that make it to the playoffs each year and win titles. Although it’s imperative to hold practice for an appropriate amount of time, it isn’t the number of hours but the quality of hours that can dictate how successful a practice will be and how the team will fair during the season.

Although practices may look different, the beginning of the practice often involves jogging and skill-specific drills while the second half tends to focus on using those drills in a match-like setting. Ergo, there are many types of volleyball drills that meet the needs of different practice sections. Some of these drills involve the whole team, while others have the team splitting off into smaller groups. Some volleyball drills are timed, others keep score. As individuals hone skills, the exercises become more challenging, individually and with multiple players.

Volleyball Hitting Drills
The coach is often feeding a ball to the setter, while the team is prepared to hit. In various patterns, one player goes through a series of hitting and tipping the ball over the net and gathering their ball to get back in line. Between each hit or tip, the player moves to a different position on the court. After one player goes through each position and successfully hits back, the next player steps up. Some of the most important aspects of hitting are a proper approach, timing, body placement and speed of swing.
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Volleyball Passing Drills
Some volleyball drills include passing to oneself while moving down the court, while others involve passing to other teammates while moving. A few drills are timed, some are completed by passing successfully a certain number of times. For some exercises, the net is covered by a blanket, thus helping the players with reaction times. Some main objectives for proper passing are the ready position, arm platform, and footwork. Passing drills will typically have players ready to receive serve or proper movement for a “free-ball.”
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Volleyball Blocking Drills
A few drills are all about blocking. Some volleyball drills involve two people working together; some focus on individual movements. They all deal with keeping proper footing and timing.
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Volleyball Receiving Drills
In these volleyball drills, the idea is to hit three times before sending the ball back over the net. In some cases, the player must pass the ball to a specific player.
Volleyball Setting Drills
These are volleyball drills to set the ball up in a particular position for a particular type of hit over the net. The coach is usually on one side, while the team is on the other. The player begins in a setting position, leaves that position to pass to another player then returns to position.
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Timed Relays
Various relays can keep players on their toes and help them move with agility, while practicing tosses and passes. Some relays focus on one type of pass, while others work on another.
There are volleyball drills for having the team keep the ball in play for as long as possible. It doesn’t matter how many hits it takes to get the ball over the net or whether or not the players are within the boundary lines.
Volleyball Defensive Drills
These exercises usually involve the coach passing or tossing a ball to small teams or the whole team. The coach is often on one side of the net, with the team on the other. The coach will begin by tossing to one player, who then passes to another player. This teaches the players to rely on each other and to set up a good hit to the other side. The idea is to control the ball more than to practice hitting hard.
Volleyball Serving Drills
These involve placing a serve in a particular position on the other side of the net. Sometimes there are players sitting on the floor and the goal is for the server to hit each one. Other times, the group is slowly moving in a pattern across the opposite side, and the server must eliminate them before the pattern is completed.

There are hundreds of different volleyball drills. We hope this can become your go-to resource for all of them. Practice makes perfect!


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